Power Strips

Choose the Best Power Strip

Most of us have more equipment than outlets, so you’ll probably find a surge behind most televisions and desks. However, not all surge protectors are similar and some even put their equipment at risk. We talk to an electrician so he knows how to make good and bad choices and how to use them safely.

Charles Ravenscraft is a licensed union electrician who has sat down with me to discuss how to choose the best surge protectors for your devices and how to avoid accidents. Situations. When you use them This is what you need to know. As an owner of many electronics and appliances, one of our biggest mistakes is choosing the wrong power strip. Whether it’s for our living spaces to plug in our flat screen TV’s, phones, and iPads to kitchen appliances, or even hair essentials such as a blow dryer and a curling iron, we at times forget about the quality a power strip may contain. Using a correct power strip, one can have the opportunity and a peace of mind to plug in many devices all at once without having to worry about power overload or an electric leakage and power surges. But yet focus on the practicality and capability the power strip contains. For instance, a power strip like TP-3+3 surge protect which contains 3 USB port chargers that are high efficiency with a 3.1A output that can charge 3 smart phones or 1 smart phone and 1 tablet at full speed can be very useful. Especially with many members in a household can share the power strip all at once to plug in ones devices. Most importantly, you can travel with the power strip and use it for a hotel stay or even the airport. For whatever you may need additional outlets, one should always feel comfortable and at home wherever they may go.

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