How to choose the best surge protection

How to choose the best surge protection

It is important to understand how surge protectors can work in order to select a good position to adequately protect expensive electronic equipment.

Many people make the mistake of buying a protection device that gives little or no protection, thinking they are saving money.

I will explain what I need to know. A better understanding of what a protection device actually does and how it works, will put you on your way to choosing the most suitable one for your needs.

The purpose of a surge protector is to divert safety surges to the ground instead of leaving it on sensitive circuits in your equipment.

Voltage spikes can come through electrical wiring and the telephone line. So phone lines should be protected even if you are connected to your computer.

In normal electric lines they have a constant voltage (120 volts in the United States). But in some cases, irregular voltage variations may occur. These are the peaks of electrical energy that can damage the equipment.

Any spikes of tension must again be channeled to the ground. This is what a surge protector does.

How many joules do you need good protection against surges?

You want to protect your equipment, but also do not want to continue buying a new surge protector every time it is protected.

If you use one that has a very high joule rating, then it should last for many surges and spikes.

Suggest a grade above 3,000 joules. Anything less and your protector can not survive a peak. Your device should not be protected if it gets more than a high voltage spike before replacing the surge protector.

Overvoltage protectors that have a low joule score can be destroyed by a single high voltage peak. These protections need economic to be replaced frequently. You end up saving more money in the long run to get a good boost vow joule protector to start.

Total Surge protection House for all electronics

You can also consider a whole house surge protection. This must be installed by an electrician. In the long term, this could save other electronic equipment in the house that would not be protected in any other way.

Overvoltage protection is important for your equipment, as well as your expensive home theater or stereo.

All electronic devices must be protected. As for the equipment, it’s a good idea to back up your data.

In addition to lighting damage, the computer may have other problems, such as a hard drive failure.

Protection against power surges is only one step to protect your data. It is also necessary to protect your data in case of loss of files. See the following article in this series for a review of how to protect your computer.

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